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Air-Slide Systems

Air-Slide conveyors are very suitable for moving fine-grained materials with very large capacity. They are mainly used in flat-bottomed high-diameter storage bins. Materials which are commonly moved with Air-Slides are Fly Ash, Alumian Silica, Sodium Sulfate, Coal, and Cement.


  • Material moves in conveyor on media that air can penetrate
  • Air-slide systems are assembled in specific raked angle
  • Material flow is generated by air flow which passes through the media.

Aeration bin bottoms are used to promote consistent product withdrawal from large-diameter flat- or conical-bottom storage silos. It does this by passing low-pressure air through a porous membrane media and into the bed of the material being handled. The low-pressure air is then passed up through the material in the silo, giving it a highly fluid property.


Aerated Bin Bottom


Aerated Bin Bottom